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Getting started with Sneakypeer

Sneakypeer is a sophisticated analytics tool that helps investors to make informed decisions regarding P2P and Crowdlending investment options. Sneakypeer helps to determine the reliability of various platforms with Sneakypeer Scoring and keeps the users informed about the transparency of platforms and with real-time updates from the Monitoring feature.

The main advantages of Sneakypeer are Sneakypeer Scoring, Transparency tab, and Monitoring feature.

Sneakypeer scoring has been under development for 1 year now and it gets constantly improved, it consists of more than 80 questions covering liquidity, business model, country, credit, operational, and other risks, as well as platform functionality, financial stability, potential conflicts of interest, past performance, transparency and more. The scoring model is always live, multiple data points are based on the automatically updated information provided by government authorities.

Transparency is a part of the Sneakypeer Scoring model - how transparent the company to their clients - are they providing all the legal information you should know about? Multiple platforms have improved transparency after communicating with Sneakypeer and after getting an explanation about their weak points, as well as potential improvements regarding transparency, the environment in platforms, and the Accuracy of risk assessment.

What is Monitoring? Monitoring is a Sneakypeer feature, that keeps you up to date about the platform you are monitoring and sends you an email each time something changes in the company that you are monitoring - they can be good, bad, or neutral news but you have to know about them as fast as possible!

With the monitoring plan, you can only receive monitoring alerts from 1 or more chosen platforms, but with Full access, you gain access to every platform on the Sneakypeer site.

To register click on the "Register" button on the right top corner of the site, then you will be transferred to the Register page and see options to sign up with your social media accounts or your email address. After that, you just fill all the blank spaces with your information and verify your email address and you will be a part of Sneakypeer!

No, the Sneakypeer tool is developed so even amateur investors could understand the information that we provide users with. You should learn the basics before investing anyway, but of course, you can use our product even if you don't have any serious knowledge about investing. By using Sneakypeer you can only improve your investment portfolio for a better future.

Previously there were some loud scams where platforms disappeared with millions of dollars of their investor’s money and the investors never saw that money anymore. That’s how we came up with the idea that the peer-to-peer industry should be more transparent so people could understand which of the platforms are reliable and which ones are not!

You should always trust yourself first, we are here just to help you with your decisions. But to prove that we trust our Sneakypeer Scoring we are on our way to invest 1 000 000 euros in the peer-to-peer platforms and we will share our portfolio with you when we have completed this plan! We will show you our progress through platforms API’s so you can follow what’s happening with our investments.

Managing your account

As a non-registered user you can only see our Platform list, but not the details about the platforms. So, yes to see more information about the platforms - you need to be a registered user.

To change your account details, go to the My Profile page - click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the page and select My Profile. You can change your email address, password, cancel your subscription or change your chosen platforms to monitor.

To purchase Full access or Monitoring just go to the Plans&Pricing part on the homepage or you can also do it through the Platforms details page through the menu and choose which platform you want to monitor.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click - I forgot my password, then enter your email address and you should receive an email to change your password to a new one!

Questions from Platforms

If you are a peer-to-peer or crowdlending platform and you want to be a part of Sneakypeer, drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you and provide the next steps.

Multiple scoring questions are based on interviews and enhanced due diligence of platforms, therefore analysing information that is not available publicly. The scoring model brings transparency - multiple platforms have improved their transparency after communication with Sneakypeer and after getting an explanation about their weak points, as well as potential improvements regarding transparency, the environment in a platform and accuracy of risk assessment.

Yes, of course! We will be more than happy to provide you with an Iframe from our side, to make it easier for you! Contact us and we will help you with all the details.

Safety and Security

To contact the Sneakypeer team you can message us on our social media, here at the Contact us page or email us at>

To make a payment, you will be transferred to Stripe, so you can pay with any credit or debit card and Google Pay.

To redeem your coupon go to the payment page when you will be transferred to Stripe to enter your card details, you will see there a place to enter the discount code or a coupon.

Maybe your coupon has expired, contact the person of the Sneakypeer team that gave you the coupon code and they will send you a new one or fix the problem.

To verify your email address, go to your email and click on the link that we have sent to you, then you will be transferred back to the Sneakypeer site and your profile will be verified and ready to go!

To help us with maintaining our website, if you see a problem or a bug email us at and we will fix the problem as fast as possible.

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