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AxiaFunder Review

AxiaFunder Statistics

  • Business name: AxiaFunder
  • Legal name: Champerty Limited
  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Type: Crowdfunding
  • Average score:
    0 / 5
Promised annual return

55.0 %

Sneakypeer scoring




Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €1.6M
  • Buyback guarantee: No
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Licensed: Yes
Loan Types
Litigation finance

AxiaFunder Description

General Information

Axiafunder is a UK-based crowdfunding platform, which was founded in 2016. To date, more than 1.6 million pounds have been invested through the platform. Axiafunder offers only one type of loan that is litigation finance.

Board & Team

Axiafunder’s team consists of professionals who have experience in both financial services and commercial litigation. The board and team members that are mentioned on their web page are coming from quite good academic backgrounds such as INSEAD, UCL, and Cambridge University. The CEO, Cormac Leech, has been working in the finance industry, mainly in the lending and equity sectors, such as being a founder and director of the Liberum Alternative Finance previously.

Financial Analysis

The platform does not publish its annual reports on the webpage. Even in the official source ‘Companies House,’ there are incomplete and unaudited financial statements for 2019, which have only the balance sheet part. It is very important for financial institutions to share their annual reports to see how healthy they are financially. As Axiafunder did not share its annual reports, it can be considered a red flag. Axiafunder does not provide statistics on the web page to see the performance of the platform and projects, which can be another potential red flag.

Platform’s Score and Uniqueness

There are many important features that Axiafunder does not have, and those can help investors to make sound decisions such as buyback guarantee, investment diversification, and auto-invest. However, the platform is offering features such as a secondary market, which is important and attractive to investors, and withdrawals. The promised return on investments is twice higher than the average market return, and there is no justification for it. Without justification on why it is very profitable, it makes the investments risky. The platform is usable worldwide.


Axiafunder, a UK-based crowdfunding platform, offers a promised return of twice the above-market average return without any justification. The platform has a professional and experienced team who are knowledgeable in this industry. Axiafunder offers some essential features such as secondary market, but not auto-invest and investment diversification. Unfortunately, the platform was not publishing its statistics and did not publish its annual reports for the past years, which can be a potential red flag and can create concerns about the financial health of the platform.