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CrowdedHero Statistics

  • Business name: CrowdedHero
  • Legal name: CrowdedHero Latvia SIA
  • Jurisdiction: Latvia
  • Type: Crowdfunding
  • Average score:
    5 / 5
Promised annual return

15.0 %

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Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €180K
  • Buyback guarantee: No
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Licensed: Yes
Loan Types
Equity crowdfunding

CrowdedHero Description

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CrowdedHero Board & Team

Sandris Rugums-Chief Investment Officer, Board member Janis Blazevics-CEO, Board member Svetlana Skeneva-Chief Operational Officer Filips Pavars-Financial analyst Solvita Masule-Legal officer Raimonds Blumbergs-Chief Marketing Officer

What is CrowdedHero

CrowdedHero offers Equity investments in growing companies via a crowdfunding platform. We link investors with exceptional companies demonstrating high growth potential.

General information about CrowdedHero

The idea for the CrowdedHero platform was born out of a simple question — why is the current equity crowdfunding scene so focused on the crowdfunding of startups and early-stage companies? Having built the Eventus Group — one of the most reputable corporate finance groups in the Baltics — and having worked with buying, developing and selling companies our entire careers, we just knew how much more untapped potential there is in equity-based financing.

CrowdedHero CEO

Janis Blazevics

Bachelors degree in Management, Latvian Maritime Academy.
Co-founder, CEO
Janis is an experienced Senior Private Banker with a successful track record. His focus lies in the areas of corporate banking, financial analysis, investment sales, M&A and enhanced due diligence. AML-certified, he has been managing client relationships in the private banking sector for over a decade.

Tell us more about the CrowdedHero concept?

Investment opportunities should be selected exceptionally with clear exit possibilities and a growth plan. Funds collected during the crowdfunding campaign should help to grow the company share value by at least 100 % in the next 5 years- its 20% of the expected return of equity per year. That's the concept, the CrowdedHero business model has been built around.

What sets CrowdedHero apart from other platforms?

It's definitely the higher potential for our investors to receive regular dividends and capital gain from their investments.

What is the professional background and experience of the team CrowdedHero?

Among our founders, Sandris Rugums is a world-class corporate finance professional with a proven track record in corporate finance and M&A. He has over 25 years of professional success. Also, our team has a solid background in banking, finances, crowdfunding, and corporate law.

What are the CrowdedHero current primary challenges?

Our main mission is to provide investment opportunities into companies' equity with realistic and high exit potential- the right company selection is a challenge and priority for us. Also, we have to grow our investor base fast to be able to attract investments for projects over 1 Million Eur.

Do you have any long-term objectives or a product roadmap that you would like to share with us?

First, we will implement a Secondary market- design and functionality are already developed, but the deal structure and some legal procedures are still in development, because of the new EU crowdfunding regulation. We will add to our investment products Debt crowdfunding next year, thus will be Business loans for SME sector companies. As a long-term objective, we have a plan to obtain Equity crowfuning licence in Asia.

What do you believe the future of the industry holds and what is the potential of the crowdfunding industry?

We believe that the future is in alternative sources of business financing, especially when traditional banks are losing their positions. Also, we believe in the power of the crowd and the additional values that loyal investors could bring to your business.

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