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Income Marketplace Review

Income Marketplace Statistics

  • Business name: Income Marketplace
  • Legal name: OÜ Income Company
  • Jurisdiction: Estonia
  • Type: P2P platform
  • Average score:
    4.3 / 5
Promised annual return

15.0 %

Sneakypeer scoring




Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €5.6M
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Secondary market: No
  • Licensed: No
Loan Types
Business loans
Line of credit
Single payment loans
Car loans
Real estate loans
Instalment loans

Income Marketplace Description

General Information

Income marketplace, a newly founded Estonian P2P lending platform was established in 2020/07/21. To date, more than 1’000’000 has been invested through the Income marketplace. It is clearly seen from the total investment amount that the platform is in its early stages, therefore right now it may be projected for extensive growth. If we compare Income marketplace’s investment amount with Iuvo Group that has 177’243’979 that was founded in 2016, it can be analyzed that the age of the platform has a direct relationship with the investment amount.

Board & Team

The platform’s team consists of professionals who have achieved academic backgrounds related to the industry such as Finance, Law and Risk Management. The Founder and Co-Founders of Income marketplace are coming from a rich practical experience and academic background in the financial industry, especially consumer lending. Kimmo the Founder and CEO of Income marketplace is also Co-Founder of Tunaiku, the lending arm of Amar Bank in Indonesia, which might be translated into conflict of interest. It is also mentioned on their webpage that Kimmo “combines his experience in P2P investments and loan origination to build Income as a safer and more transparent platform for P2P investments.” There is a loan originator in the Income marketplace that is Indonesian. Furthermore creating a bit of concern regarding the conflict of interest. It is worth mentioning that Income marketplace has a Supervisory Board, which can be considered as a valuable asset to the platform’s team and experience.

Financial Analysis

The platform's financial health represents a  significant factor in knowing how transparent, trustable and profitable the platform is. Specifically in the financial industry that Income Marketplace is a part of, financial points are essential to analyze the data and execute profitable investments. Unfortunately, Income marketplace does not have an annual report nor financial statements as it is a young platform or in other words, it was founded very recently = one year old. Income marketplace’s financial points - calculated by Sneakypeer are 12.5, a substantially low figure in comparison to other players in the lending industry. However, this is due to their age. Worth to mention that the Income marketplace provided important inputs for the calculation of financial points. Thus, there is hope to see some improvements within financial points in the coming year once they publish their annual report or financial statements.

Platform’s Score and Uniqueness

Income marketplace’s loan originators’ riskiness and transparency score is 31.47, which is good compared to certain platforms. However, there are platforms who score either better or worse results - for instance, DoFinance scored 26.67 and Mintos has scored 36.27. It can be concluded that there is room for more improvement in the Income marketplace’s LO riskiness and transparency. Above average promise return = Most of the platforms promise above average return on investment, which is realistic. Income marketplace promises 12% annual return, if compared to other platforms such as Mintos with 11.84% return, it is fine. If a higher return is not justified, then it is a very risky investment, because the return is unrealistic. The case of Envestio, which was offering up to 22.6% return on average - way above market average and unrealistic returns, had gone bankrupt, where most believe it was a scam from the very beginning.


Income is the first platform to offer simple and secured investments in loans. You can start effortlessly with quick investment strategies and grow your money up to 15% yearly, investing in assets secured by the loan originators' listed loan portfolio. Income offers buyback obligation and "Cashflow Buffer" to protect investors in case all the risks identified materialize. Currently, Income is listing loans from 7 different loan originators and has over 100 in the pipeline. The first fiscal year for Income ended in 2021, and they have not published any financial statements yet. Income's auditor is PWC Estonia, and the audited financial statements are projected to be published by the end of Q4 2022.

Income Marketplace CEO

Kimmo Rytkönen

Founder / CEO
With over 15 years of experience in consumer lending and fintech I have successfully founded, managed and advised several fintech companies. I’m the founder and CEO of Income, the safest platform to invest in loans that is introducing a new standard of investor protection to this exciting asset class.