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Lendermarket Review

Lendermarket Statistics

  • Business name: Lendermarket
  • Legal name: Lendermarket Limited
  • Jurisdiction: Ireland
  • Type: P2P platform
  • Average score:
    3.8 / 5
Promised annual return

15.0 %

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Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €226.7M
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Secondary market: No
  • Licensed: No
Loan Types
Business loans
Real estate loans
Investment loans

Lendermarket Description

Platform’s Score and Uniqueness

Lendermarket offers a unique feature of a 60-day “Buyback guarantee,” along with auto-invest, yet lacking a feature of the secondary market. Nevertheless, the platform CEO has confirmed they are currently developing a secondary market for the platform, and are hoping to launch it by 2023. Furthermore, unique addition to this was an offering of 5% “Skin in the game” from all its loan originators. Average interest returns floating around a target of 8% to 15% are much above the market’s average, therefore becoming a highly attractive feature to any investor. A unique milestone to this date stands at total investments being over €226M.

Board & Team

Lendermarket’s team has grown significantly over the past year. You can meet Lendermarket’s key members on the website; Endrik Eller, head of Lendermarket, Tõnis Vahesaar, head of Legal and Compliance and Melita Raulinaityte, head of Marketing.

General Information

Lendermarket is an Irish P2P lending platform, that connects investors – private persons and institutions – to loans issued by digital finance companies from various European countries. The platform launched in 2019, and since then has generated over €226M in investments, over 9000 users, and 13% pa, offering interest to be paid monthly, i.e., 0.9% per month. The minimum investment is only €10, and considering you can invest from different continents, Lendermarket is creating highly attractive opportunities for any investor around the world.

Financial Analysis

You can find Lendermarket’s audited annual report for 2020 on their website. At the moment, you can find monthly statistics published on their blog, moreover, they are currently developing a statistics page in order to help investors to do risk analysis and make sound decisions, on top of bringing transparency to the platform.


As an overview of Lendermarket, it is safe to say that returns of 15% with a minimum deposit as low as €10 EUR are above average and are super attractive to investors. On one hand, additional percentage returns are more likely to involve additional risk to create such returns, and on the other hand, it’s important to stress that Lendermarket has now become a multi-lender, meaning you get a vaster diversification in your portfolio without having to switch platforms. The platform loan originators’ offer of 5% “Skin in the game” and an ability to offer a 60-day “Buyback guarantee” service, is great for new investors getting involved with the multi-lender platform. Finally, Lendermarket has managed to achieve a total Investment portfolio of +€226M, earning Investors a substantial figure of +€4.7M in interest.

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Transparency of Lendermarket

Lendermarket CEO

Endrik Eller
CEO & Partner
I have more than 15 years of experience building and running businesses as a founder and CEO. I have been investing in P2P for almost 10 years and for the past 5 years I have been building modern financial services products for several successful companies. Currently, we are building Lendermarket to make passive and long-term investing, easy & accessible for everybody.

What is your professional background and experience?

Endrik has extensive experience in the financial services and IT industry. He also has a solid entrepreneurial background and an MSc degree in Engineering. Having co-founded several successful companies his consultancy has been working for a leading real estate crowdfunding platform in the EU to help facilitate its growth.

Do you have any future goals or a product roadmap you'd like to share?

Our vision is to be the go-to platform for investors to manage all their fixed-income investments. We are moving there slowly, but that’s where our long-term goal lies. Our most requested feature by far is a secondary market. We are doing our best to get it live by the end of this year. We will be adding a few new LO's every quarter, so hopefully, our coverage in a few years will be truly global.

In the Lendermarket, how are risks managed? What sets it apart from other platforms?

Investing in Lendermarket always ensures you have the best selection of Creditstar Group’s loans available to invest in. They also tend to offer slightly higher interest rates on the Lendermarket platform. The majority of our current loan originators have a long track record of operations, giving you a higher probability that they operate in a sustainable way and with as low risk to investors as possible. Lendermarket has now become a multi-lender, meaning that you don't need to switch between platforms in order to diversify your P2P portfolio. You will benefit from high annual returns, BuyBack guaranteed loans, carefully selected Loan Originators, and a diverse selection of loans (both consumer and real estate backed business loans).

How did you come up with the idea for the Lendermarket? What is the project's concept and backstory?

Lendermarket was initially founded by Creditstar Group’s management team in order to provide additional liquidity to their growing lending business. However, very soon, a decision was made to become a separate and independent platform, and start offering fundraising and liquidity for non-banking lending companies globally. The company was founded nearly 3 years ago with a simple vision to make investing easier and more rewarding. We’ve grown as an organization quite a lot since the early days, but our mission is still the same - we aim to bring investors and lenders together by offering smart investment opportunities for those who wish to grow their passive income and giving lending companies the best-in-class tools to grow their businesses.

Lendermarket Financials

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