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PeerBerry Review

PeerBerry Statistics

  • Business name: PeerBerry
  • Legal name: Peerberry d.o.o.
  • Jurisdiction: Croatia
  • Type: P2P platform
  • Average score:
    5 / 5
Promised annual return

11.4 %

Sneakypeer scoring




Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €519.9M
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Secondary market: No
  • Licensed: No
Loan Types
Business loans
Single payment loans
Car loans
Real estate loans
Instalment loans

PeerBerry Description

General Information

PeerBerry, formed in 2017, is one of Europe's most important and large peer-to-peer (P2P) companies. PeerBerry also has a mobile app that makes investing extremely simple and accessible. Regrettably, the platform does not have a licence. PeerBerry has far more loan originators than other platforms because of its large market share. They have roughly 30 loan originators globally, with many of them coming from the Aventus Group. On its website, the platform gives information on its loan originators. The PeerBerry platform has attracted over EUR 1 billion in investment so far. There are more than nine different types of loans available to invest in on the platform.

Financial Analysis

PeerBerry's financial analysis is based on three primary ratios. PeerBerry has excellent liquidity, as measured by the quick ratio, which gauges the company's capacity to cover short-term liabilities using its most liquid assets. In other words, it demonstrates that the platform's current assets outnumber its current liabilities. When comparing the return on assets ratios of 2019 and 2020, there isn't much of a change. In 2019, the return on assets was somewhat lower than in 2020. Finally, a company's debt to equity ratio is a reliable predictor of its financial leverage. Platform has a significantly high debt to equity ratio. It can be said that PeerBerry as a financial institution relies on financing its business by debt. To sum up, it can be said that. PeerBerry’ financial health is relatively good because of its liquidity and profitability.

Platform’s Score and Uniqueness

The platform includes significant features like autoinvest and buyback guarantee for the majority of loans that make investing easier and more appealing to investors. According to PeerBerry, there have been no loan defaults. Because the platform does not disclose loan books or advanced statistical data, it is less transparent and trustworthy than other market players. On average, the promised return is over 11%, which is higher than the market average. On the platform, the promised return is justified.


PeerBerry, one of the largest companies in the P2P lending business, is providing investors the chance to participate in a variety of loans with an annual return of about 11%. A well-developed auto-invest option is available on the platform.

Board & Team

PeerBerry's management team is made up of experienced people with solid credentials in fields such as international business and finance. Platform owners are unfortunately not identified on the platform's homepage.