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Profitus Review

Profitus Statistics

  • Business name: Profitus
  • Legal name: UAB „Sutelktinio finansavimo platforma „Profitus“
  • Jurisdiction: Lithuania
  • Type: Crowdfunding
  • Average score:
    5 / 5
Promised annual return

9.9 %

Sneakypeer scoring




Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €89M
  • Buyback guarantee: No
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Licensed: Yes
Loan Types
Business loans
Real estate loans
Main loan type

Profitus Description

About Profitus

Profitus is a crowdfunding platform for business loans and investment. An intermediary between investors who want to employ their free money and those who want to get financing for their business ideas and real estate projects. Profitus evaluates borrower and their projects, supervises and administers financing and settlement processes with investors, manages documents and represents investors to ensure their interests. Profitus became a leading platform in home market by the end of 2022.

How are my investments protected?

Your investment is protected by a mortgage on the primarty or secondary mortgage on real estate, as well as other collateral (such as a surety or guarantee). Different projects have different security measures, which you can find in the self-service, next to the information in each project, in the "Securities" section.

Why invest in Profitus?

Because here: Investing in business loans with real estate collateral can earn 5-18% annual interest; You can start investing from just EUR 100 You earn additional income every month or quarter; Profitus, as a platform operator, is listed in the public list of crowd-funding platform operators and overseen by the Bank of Lithuania.

Profitus CEO

Viktoria Cijunskyte

About V. Cijunskyte
In 2010 Viktoria Cijunskyte started her career in Real Estate. In 2011 she founded her first business - the Real Estate agency “Citus”. As an entrepreneur, she has shown that it is possible to find her place in a competitive market - in a few years, “Citus” has boasted a team of 50 brokers and took 4th place in the market. The merging with “RE / Max Lithuania” has become a special evaluation of the success for the company. After the first success story of “Citus” V. Cijunskyte became more involved in RE world. In december 2017, she founded a crowdfunding startup “Profitus”, and in 2018 she established an investment company “Victory funds”. A woman who has been indifferent for the most advanced technologies, has shown how proptech and fintech companies can find their place in the Lithuanian market. Her main goal is to make investing accessible for everyone. Profitus became a leading platform in home market by the end of 2022.

How are risks managed in Profitus, and how is it different from other platforms?

We have a professional team that undertakes risk analysis. RE evaluation and business analytics experts evaluate each funded project individually to set a risk rating ranging from A+ to D. We have also developed a unique risk assessment algorithm to determine the rating of the project. This algorithm consists of a wide range of individual indicators and evaluations which not only focus on funding requirements and an appraisal of the property by an independent appraiser, but also the project owner and the final beneficiary, their financial indicators, credit rating, experience and reputation. We furthermore evaluate the project, its potential and concept, business plans, both those presented by the project owner, and the pessimistic scenario plans prepared by us, which incorporate possible market developments and the risks that could affect the project.

Tell us about the Profitus concept, as well as the project's background.

Profitus selects and places on the website projects to which investors are invited to invest according to the terms and conditions set out in the description. Investors are pledged real estate, other property or a surety as security for the return of their investment. During the project period, investors are paid the interest provided for in the project. Profitus oversees the borrower’s timely settlement with investors and fully represents the interests of investors. On the other hand, Profitus is a great help for business as it mobilizes funding from a wide range of investors, manages paperwork, and provides a platform for easy reporting to investors.