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Peer-to-peer Lending Reviews and Analysis 2022

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About Peer to Peer Lending

What is Sneakypeer?

Sneakypeer is not just any ordinary company. We provide truthful and informative reviews of various P2P Lending platforms, using a data-driven approach. We do what other companies don't do properly or don't do it all – we help and instruct on how to make as much profit as possible.

How does it work?

Sneakypeer scoring is an independent and objective scoring system that evaluates P2P Lending and crowdfunding platforms, serving as a risk indicator of such platforms. We analyze data on the basis of information about the company, its revenues,  finances, functionality, board\owners, ect. On top of that we offer all kinds of information about each platform, aggregating information, giving investors the opportunity to rate a platform and providing financial data.

We do this because…

Any investment instrument is safer if the investor is properly informed and trained. Money loves the smart ones.

Let's brag a little

As we have already explained – we are not an ordinary company. Sneakypeer solves a problem of information getting out of date extremely fast. We have developed the functionality that allows platform representatives to amend the information themselves and update it at any time. This doesn’t apply to our scoring, the calculation of which is based on the information available in the system. It is only after directly communicating with us that platforms can increase their score if the questions are responded, information is provided and improvements are implemented.

Why does it work?

We are aware of a major contemporary problem – no one has plenty of time. That’s why we provide clearly comprehensible information and save our customers' time by offering reliable results.
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How Peer to Peer lending works?

   Peer to peer lending is a mechanism that allows individuals and businesses to lend money to one another through online services that connect lenders and borrowers. Peer-to-peer lending is frequently referred to Crowdlending. From a business model standpoint, peer-to-peer lending platforms differ, but the basic principle remains the same.

P2P lending consists of four subjects: borrowers, platform, custodian and investors. Each one of them has it's own purpose and functions
   Through a P2P platform/Crowdlending platform and loan originator, an investor can profitably lend funds to a business or individual. Investments can be made in loans that have previously been issued or loans that have yet to be issued. Peer-to-peer platform as an independent entity ensures this process and serves as intermediary, providing technical solutions for both lenders and borrowers.

   Personal loans, business loans, invoice financing, and even litigation finance are all examples of loan types offered Peer-to-peer lending. In the Sneakypeer platform review pages, you can learn more about each platform's loan types.

   Overall, peer-to-peer lending enables investors to make money by lending money to others. At the same time, borrowers benefit from increased financing availability, while loan originators benefit from increased liquidity and risk mitigation.

Is it safe to invest in Peer to Peer lending?

   Any investment comes with a certain risk and even if you exclusively put your money into the safest Peer-to-peer investing services, you are exposed to the risk of losing capital.

   However, by doing some research and choosing the finest Peer to Peer lending platform in your country to invest with, you can considerably reduce the total risks.

   The most common risks are associated with:

1) Fraudulent actions or bankruptcy of Peer to peer platform;

2) Bankruptcy of a loan originator that lists loans on a platform;

3) Default of a borrower that has indirectly borrowed funds from you.

   These and other risks have occurred in the past, therefore it is suggested that you weigh the advantages and risks of each Peer to Peer lending platform. Overall transparency and regulation from financial institutions such as the Financial Conduct Authority and others are considered signs of a safe platform in the Peer-to-Peer industry.

   Your own research and use of specialized risk management tools such as Sneakypeer to mitigate risks distinguish risky Peer-to-peer lending investments from safe ones.
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P2P VS equity investing: Which one is the right choice?

In these volatile times, people are particularly mindful of the question of investment. You got some extra savings? That's great!  We've decided to conduct an analysis of two popular investment avenues: P2P and equities.   Let’s start with the possible risks to investors.


P2P is a peer-to-peer network that is based on equality of partners. However, the P2P format poses certain risks:     
■ Reliability of the bidder with whom the contract is awarded;
■ Robustness of the platform itself, where the borrowing takes place;       
■ Exchange rate volatility risk.


The risks in equity investing are of a different nature:
● Market valuation. Stocks can rise and fall in value. The higher are the fluctuations in the value of the securities, the higher are the risks.  
● Liquidity. It is not always certain that the securities will be of interest in the market and can be sold at a good price.
● The strategy and reliability of the broker. It is difficult for a novice investor to choose a profitable strategy, and entrusting all capital to an unfamiliar broker is equally dangerous.
● The business reputation of the issuing company. The equity value of a stock is directly dependent on the reputation of the company itself. But as we know, general economic turbulence and unfair competition can play havoc with companies and investors.


P2P investors make good profits by lending money at interest. It is essential to work out the details of a contract with a reliable partner on favorable terms. Participants communicate directly without intermediaries, and nothing will jeopardize your investment on a solid platform.  Investing in equities on stock exchanges usually does not result in as high returns as on P2P platforms, and positive results can take a long time to materialize. But if you choose a portfolio diversification strategy, you don't have to feel anxious about losing all your investments.   To sum up, it is worth noting that the choice between equities or P2P depends on the investment objectives and the timing of the return. Sneakypeer provides its own assessment of the reliability of P2P platforms, as our mission is to make this market transparent and profitable for all participants. 
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Data-Driven And Informed Decisions

By leveraging pure data, multi-layered mathematical risk-assessment models, and academic research, our team has built an all-in-one, automated platform for investors of any experience level to help diversify and expand their investment portfolio with peer-to-peer loans. Save time, energy, and efforts - start making informed, data-driven decisions with Sneakypeer today.

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