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Main challanges of Peer to Peer Lending

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Building Trust

Which Platform?

Getting Contributors

How to Guard Against Frauds

Streamlining the overall process



To obtain a loan until quite recently, the only viable option was to speak with a bank or other financial institution about your situation.

However, there are no alternate sources of funding available, such as peer-to-peer lending, in which individuals lend the money to other persons through the use of a website acting as an intermediary.

When it comes to earning a return on their money, peer-to-peer lending (also known as social lending, crowdlending, or even crowdfunding) is an alternative option that investors might consider.

Alternative finance is seeing rapid growth - according to our most recent research, the sector increased by 84 per cent in the previous year. This is fantastic news for those who have really been following or supporting the sector for quite some time now. However, as any industry expands and evolves, it will confront several challenges.

We've outlined five major challenges that alternative finance will have to address if it wants to maintain its current level of success.

Building Trust

P2P lending is a popular option for those looking to start in the industry. They wish to spread the word about their creative ideas and talents.

There is only one problem: lack of experience translates into lack of exposure, which leaves potential investors with little on which to base their judgement.

It's worth pondering. Because they know so little about you, you're asking them to invest in you. They're going to be apprehensive about it.

You can't go back in time and change the past, but you can start building a better future right now by establishing your credibility.

Transparency is all you need. Begin by establishing a professional online presence through the use of social media.

Build a following by being open and honest. Investors will be more inclined to back you if you can get people interested in your ideas.

Which Platform?

To invest, or in other words, to become a lender, you must first set up an account just on the P2P website and then transfer the money you wish to invest across.

You may well be able to select the rate of return you desire and distribute your funds among several borrowers, minimising the likelihood that a loan would not be returned. A few websites even allow users to make bids on loan opportunities.

All of these platforms may offer similar basic services at first glance, but there is more to consider than meets the eye when deciding on the best Peer-to-Peer platform.

Reputation is critical to investors. Look at the findings and conduct some research before signing up for any P2P site. Look at the most successful businesses and ideas on the site to prevent wasting time.

Are they in sync with what you're trying to do, or are they in a completely different realm?

Take a glance at some specific figures to avoid future difficulties.

  • How many campaigns are currently in progress at this time?

  • Do they have a lot of visitors?

  • This platform will cost you money, and is it worth the money?

  • Have you sifted through their terms and conditions?

Getting Contributors

Making the construction of a program the primary focus in a P2P campaign is a common blunder. The truth is if P2P lending is to succeed, it should be substantially lower on the priority list.

This is because beginning from scratch increases the difficulty of the task at hand. It's a guarantee that you'll go backwards a lot and waste time.

In addition to drafting a thorough business plan, the first step is to arouse interest in your concept.

By bringing a well-thought-out strategy, positive word-of-mouth, and an enthusiastic fan base to a lending platform, you may pique the interest of potential investors.

Before launching your campaign, ensure that you as an investor have an internet presence and begin to create your reputation in your sector or even in your town.

When starting a new business, do everything you can to bring yourself in front of potential investors.

How to Guard Against Frauds

Everyone can see your investment as soon as you put it out there. Some of those folks, unfortunately, won't have the best intentions and will try to take advantage of your hard work for their financial gain.

Even if you come up with a fully new and original idea, it's hard to claim complete control. Your loans in most cases are not protected by financial authorities. Few platforms such as ViaInvest and Debitum Network have a licence, but majority of industry does not work under supervision of government authorities.  As a result, if a borrower fails to pay back the loan, most likely you will lose your investment. More about consequences of borrower defaults can be found in the Peer to Peer guide

You may have to locate a different investor to take on a loan if you want your money returned throughout the agreement. This can usually be arranged through the platform, but it may take longer than you expect. Additional costs may also be included.

If a borrower pays back a P2P loan early, returns may be lower than planned.

Streamlining the overall process

Getting a loan can be time-consuming and tedious. Lenders may integrate all parties engaged in the loan origination process for better, more seamless outcomes.

The origination process is sped up and smoothed by putting it all at the same table digitally. 

When it comes to finances, many people like to conduct as much of their research as possible.

When it comes to applying for a loan, most people don't have the patience to wait months for a decision. They've always wished for a more efficient procedure and easy access to information about their debts.


The procedure of peer-to-peer lending is not always clear. Challenges are encountered by all participants along the journey. Yes, there is the process of developing a good technique that will appeal to the appropriate financiers, but there is more to it than that. There are some lesser-known obstacles that those who adopt peer-to-peer (p2p) are almost certain to face.