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Swaper Review

Swaper Statistics

  • Business name: Swaper
  • Legal name: OÜ Swaper Platform
  • Jurisdiction: Estonia
  • Type: P2P platform
  • Average score:
    2.3 / 5
Promised annual return

14.0 %

Sneakypeer scoring




Secondary Info
  • Total invested: €194.9M
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Licensed: No
Loan Types
Single payment loans
Main loan type

Swaper Description

Board & Team

The platform displays four of their employees on the website with informational narratives. The CEO Indrek Puolokainen has obtained bachelors in computer science in Tallinn and MBA degree in management in the University of Tartu. Before Swaper, he has worked as marketing and project manager in 3 other major companies which all are related to the finance industry.

Financial Analysis

The website publishes their annual reports on the website and all of them have been audited. However, there are a few minor mistakes in calculations throughout annual reports. Also, there are no cases of major tax debts or financial scams regarding platform's published loans.

Platform’s Score and Uniqueness

The platform's promised return is above average with no clear justification to it on the website. Swaper offers buyback guarantee in the vast majority of available loans, and secondary market and autoinvest functions are also available to investors. However, the platform's statistics section lacks useful financial information and justification which would be necessary for improved perception of this platform.

General Information

Swaper is a p2p platform launched in 2016 and operating from Estonia. The total investment has reached more than 225.5m eur and platform's services are available to EEA citizens. Unfortunately the platform does not have an investment brokerage license and is not supervised by a governmental institution. This platform offers only single payment loans.


Swaper is a p2p platform launched in Estonia and focusing on short term single payment loans. Their promised return is above average but does not have comprehensive justification to it on the platform. Not all loans are secured with buyback guarantee on the platform, but secondary market and autoinvest functions are available to investors from EEA.

Swaper CEO

Indrek Puolokainen

MBA - University of Tartu

Swaper Financials

Financial ratios

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Intangible assets
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