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Tribe: Is it worth it?

What is Tribe Funding and how it works?

The majority of investment platforms were developed with a specific objective: to enable passive income generation for investors while supplying liquidity to projects that are closely tied to platform owners. Although Tribe could initially appear to be a comparable platform, the structure and economic strategy radically differs.

Tribe Funding acts as a middleman between investors and investment opportunities originated by dozens of different alternative investment originators.

The main idea behind the project

Most crowdfunding platforms don't offer enough diversification. Diversification is widely recognised as the simplest and one of the most efficient techniques to lower investment risks. Currently, it is extremely challenging to build a diversified portfolio in private markets because the investment opportunities provided by the significant majority of platforms are limited to just one asset and just one country.

The founders of Tribe Funding, Igor Demchakovs and Aleksandrs Pirhs, have recognised this problem. Their goal is to create an online platform that allows people to easily build a diverse investment portfolio in private markets.

For the last year, Tribe Funding has actively worked to connect with new investment companies in order to increase the variety of investment projects available on the platform. So far, Tribe has established partnerships with 17 different alternative investment providers. To put this number in perspective, let's compare the availability of diversification in other investment platforms:

Diversification options compared between Tribe, Estateguru, Profitus and Crowdestate. While Estateguru offers the most loans at the moment, Tribe makes available more diverse investment opportunities than any other platform

Tribe Funding offers investments in projects from 13+ countries across 11 project and asset types, with investment terms ranging from 30 days to 60 months. Compared to platforms such as Profitus, CrowdEstate, and the market-leading crowdfunding platform EstateGuru, it can be concluded that these numbers are significant, and Tribe Funding indeed gives investors access to a wider range of investment opportunities.

At the same time, only three investment opportunities are currently available on the Tribe marketplace, indicating that this advantage cannot be fully utilised and loan supply is limited despite the 17 connections. The platform is currently working to increase the number of investment opportunities available on the platform, and if they are successful, the product could be used as a great tool to build a much more diverse investment portfolio than on other platforms.

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