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Everything you need to know about crowdfunding

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Why Should I Use Crowdfunding?

Why should I consider Crowdfunding?

Where do you even begin with a crowdsourcing campaign?

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In the startup or social entrepreneurship arena, the phrase "Crowdfunding" is extensively used. Initially, this method of raising capital was employed by entrepreneurs to support their start-ups. Crowdfunding, which means "outsourcing a specific activity to a wide number of persons depending on their abilities," might be seen as a precursor to crowdfunding. It raises money for its activities by soliciting donations from members of the public.

To get a project off the ground, crowdfunding requires a large number of individuals to each contribute a relatively modest sum of money. This is most commonly done through the use of the internet, but it is not the only method it may be done. It's possible that asking strangers for money will seem uncomfortable, but this doesn't have to be that way. People can put their faith in a variety of different crowdfunding platforms, many of which are quite good, for example, EstateGuru, Raizers or Profitus. You have a better chance of obtaining individuals to assist you if you use one of those websites and if the project you're working on is impressive.


Traditional fundraising can attract limited amount of funds from several investors, while crowdfunding can attract high amount investors that invest small amounts of capital.

Why Should I Use Crowdfunding?

Aside from its potential economic impact, the fact that it is open to the public and public discourse can attract a great deal of favourable media coverage. You are also presenting a picture of your company to everyone by advertising the campaign in a method.

The arduous nature of the procedure of acquiring a grant may be attributed to the fact that it begins with the search for an appropriate opportunity and continues with the submission of an application. Given the significance of branding in the modern world, this constitutes a significant additional advantage.

Therefore, crowdsourcing reveals itself as an extremely feasible alternative to the conventional practice of relying on contributors for fundraising.

Why should I consider Crowdfunding?

Simplistic, Uncomplicated, and Swift

The use of crowdfunding will save you time. The application process for conventional donorship is quite time-consuming due to the number of phases that must be completed and the requirement to present one's case from the perspective of the donor rather than one's own. The use of crowdsourcing makes it possible to contact more people in a shorter amount of time.


You may already draw the attention of a sizeable number of individuals by making use of only one platform itself. After that point, curiosity may readily spread to new individuals and platforms because of its contagious nature. The initial click might generate an increase in reach that is exponential.


Because of the increased attention that comes with using crowdfunding, it is an excellent method for building a brand, as was previously discussed. It not only draws people's attention to your project, but also piques their interest, making them more likely to want to check out your organisation and the job you do there.

A substitute for donor agencies

Donors are becoming increasingly selective about the recipients of their financial contributions as a result of the significant demand for assistance from a diverse range of organisations. This indicates that to even be considered for the possibility of winning that prize money, you must first comply with a stringent set of rules and requirements. Because the money comes from individuals who are interested in contributing, crowdfunding is an excellent alternative to the more conventional way. By doing so, you will liberate yourself from limiting regulations that might affect your project. Donations can begin coming in as soon as a fundraising campaign is launched; all it takes is an initial push in that direction.


Crowdfunding is an activity that has a low overall cost. It is generally restricted to hosting costs and the potential additional expenses of other platforms, although they are often relatively minimal, making it an extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional methods of fundraising.

No deadline

You are the one who will choose the cut-off point for the project. You don't have to wear yourself out trying to meet any stringent deadlines, which must be both exciting and a tremendous relief for you. Once you've launched your crowdfunding campaign, you'll have complete control over when you begin the campaign as well as how long it will run.


It is simple to maintain a comprehensive picture of the funds that are being raised and to alter the crowdfunding plan by the reactions of the audience.

Where do you even begin with a crowdsourcing campaign?


Your strategy should not be less detailed simply because you are not required to comply with the stringent guidelines and standards set out by the funding agency. It is essential, to receive a response via the fundraising campaign, to develop a suitable fundraising strategy and also a clear execution plan. Whenever it comes to making decisions on how to spend their money, individual contributors are as likely to learn the correct way, and a poorly prepared strategy does not speak well for your organization's chances of receiving financial support. When designing a fundraising plan, there are consequently various aspects that need to be taken into consideration, including the following:

Establish your goals and priorities.

It is not a good idea to launch your crowdfunding campaign with the sole intention of satisfying a growing demand. It is necessary to deliberate before deciding whether or not to use this strategy for fundraising. To do this, you will need to have a crystal clear grasp of the aim of your startup or social company to establish whether or not this is in the queue with the stated objective. Nevertheless, the financial aspect of the project does occupy a significant position in its overall scope. Always bear in mind that your goals should be SMART.

Identify your audience

When it comes to crowdfunding, one of the most crucial things to keep in mind is whose demographic you should be targeting. You need to figure out who the target audience is, who will benefit from your project, and how your invention will address a given problem before you can move forward with the project. A campaign is only successful if it is seen by the individuals who are interested in it. 

To Conclude

Crowdfunding makes it simple to support causes and individuals in which you have a personal stake. Additionally, crowdsourcing enables investors to spread their money among several different projects, increasing the likelihood of a substantial return on their investment.