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Autoinvest as a passive income tool

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The Advantages of Utilising Auto-Invest



Automated investing choices are provided by P2P lending systems, which decrease the amount of time and effort needed to construct a portfolio. Spending time on each borrower's profile may be time-consuming. Instead, you can opt to add money to auto-invest and customize it to fit your investing goals. By comparing your investing goals to the profiles of borrowers on the platform, an algorithm develops your portfolio.

Automated investing allows you to get the benefits of passive income without having to put in any effort. Investing in P2P loans with Auto-Invest is the simplest and most economical method.

Your money will be invested automatically based on the parameters you provide when you use the Auto-Invest tool.

Autoinvest tools are considered to be the most important factor when it comes to attract investors to P2P lending platforms.

The Advantages of Utilising Auto-Invest

Auto-Invest in P2P lending is comparable to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the field of stock and bond investment in that it is fully automated and provides an excellent return over the long run.

You'll find that many P2P platforms provide Auto-Invest functionality to their users. Most advanced autoinvest tools are offered by platforms such as PeerBerry, Mintos, EstateGuru and Income Marketplace. PeerBerry autoinvest even allows to specify exact investment amount and term.

This is because it is the simplest method for adding funds to your investments, organising your portfolio, and putting your money to work for you. The Auto-Invest function found on P2P platforms is the component that is responsible for the higher increase in investment amounts in the Peer to Peer lending industry. 

Maximise Investment Opportunities

When you use Auto-Invest, the primary advantage is that the money will be immediately invested whenever a loan that is suitable for the purpose becomes available. To ensure that this takes place, you must make sure that the "reinvest" button is turned on. Then, your money will be continually put toward the purchase of loans.

If you keep your money invested indefinitely, you will be able to earn the best potential rate of interest on it, and you will also be able to compound it further. Your principal will continue to increase even if you don't make any more contributions since the money will be invested in the best loans available.

You won't have to check in on your investments every month if you use the Auto-Invest option of the p2p lending website because the loans typically last between 30 and 35 days. Instead, everything will be handled on your behalf.

You Don't Squander Any of Our Time

You aren't interested in manually exploring loan options and educating yourself on the nuances of peer-to-peer lending, are you? Nor are the majority of people!

If you use Auto-Invest, you won't have to do any regular research, loan tracking, or even criterion selection if you don't want to. This is one of the most significant benefits of utilising Auto-Invest.

Because the feature is available around the clock, you won't have to be at your computer or by phone to choose a loan. They are not kidding when they state that you will be "earning money in your sleep"!

The Most Favourable Loans are Given Priority

You may be certain that your money is being invested in the best loans thanks to the Auto-Invest option.

You probably don't want to spend several hours investigating loan originators as well as individual loans, so as the manual investor, this can be tough to establish which loans are the best to invest in. This can make it difficult to identify which loans are the best to invest in.

As a result of their partnership with a single loan originator, peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms can locate the very best loans available, regardless of whether they are in the primary or maybe secondary market. Investors that use manual investing might not be able to invest in loans selected by autoinvest tools as automated investment processes are much faster than manual investing.

You can Take Baby Steps

When you start with online loans and use Auto-Invest, you won't need to make a significant financial commitment right away.

All you need is ten euros to get started with P2P platforms. Because of this feature, you can begin investing with as little or as much money as you would like. People who are interested in getting their feet wet in the world of peer-to-peer investment before diving in headfirst can consider using this tactic.

You say you're not sure how much money you'd be comfortable investing, but... No issue. You can do tests and make adjustments to your settings at any time you choose.

You Always Have the Option to Swap

It only takes a few clicks to get started with manual investing, which is convenient if you ever find that you are interested in selecting your loans. You can also set up alternating portfolios, which combine human and automatic trading strategies.

Having said that, there is a significant demand for investments at the moment, and as a result, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the Auto-Invest option.


You now have it in your hands! You may invest in peer-to-peer loans using a feature called Auto-Invest, which eliminates the need for you to conduct research or monitor the success of the companies you invest in. Because it is the most effective method for achieving an estimated return of 12%, we strongly advise that all investors follow it.