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Should I invest in consumer loans?

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Unsecured consumer loans

Secured loans

Advantages of loans for consumers



Personal loans, often known as consumer loans, are loans which are solely made available to people. They are distinct from other loans, such as those that could be for a piece of property or a company, and are consequently referred to as personal loans on occasion.

Unsecured and secured consumer loans are the two primary categories of consumer credit.

Unsecured consumer loans

P2P loans that don't require collateral are known as unsecured consumer loans. Collateral refers to assets that may be taken from a borrower if they don't pay back the loan, such as a vehicle or a company. In most cases, a person's credit score determines whether or not they are eligible for one of these loans. Because of the increased risk associated with these sorts of loans, the rates of interest are often higher, thus loan originators can expect returns of more than 200 percent.

The remaining money might then be put to use to protect investors in the form of a repurchase programme. Due to the increased risk associated with loans, the returns on these investments are often greater than 11 percent per year. Returns at Mintos are 14%, and with a bonus, they are 16%; this is an exceptional rate that is difficult to achieve with any other asset class.

Secured loans

Personal loans that are secured by collateral are known as secured loans. In this scenario, the borrower will put up some kind of collateral, such as their house or a car, to section. This indicates that it is far more probable that the borrower will pay back the money since there is a great desire to ensure that their possessions are not seized.

The return on investment for secured loans is often a little lower than that of unsecured loans since secured loans aren't as risky as unsecured loans. Typically, returns are around 8 percent.

Advantages of loans for consumers

Why might an investor choose to put their money into consumer loans rather than other sorts of loans, such as real estate or commercial loans?

Gains at a high rate

There are very few treatments that can reliably provide monthly returns of more than 12 percent! You may finally achieve the goals you've set for yourself, whether you're putting money away for a specific purpose or merely want to retire earlier if you invest in consumer loans and experience returns that are consistently greater than the market average each month.

It is simple to start

It is clear to understand why it is easy to start with consumer loans when cryptocurrencies or equities are contrasted to them: you do not need to perform research, carefully select the loans yourself, or set up several accounts with different brokers.

When using peer-to-peer platforms, you'll see that the majority of loans are managed by an originator. Because of this, getting started is really simple; you must add the cash, then configure the auto-invest feature on the platform, and it will take care of investing the money for you.

That is not always the case, especially when it comes to loans for businesses or properties, so you may want to conduct some study in those areas.

High liquidity

The terms of consumer loans are often extremely brief; in the case of PeerBerry, they are only 30 days long. Short-term loans imply that you might receive your interest payment every month and rely on the P2P platform that you use.

Because you receive your returns on a month every month will be larger, and you will be able to rate a respectable monthly income through peer-to-peer lending.

Simple to switch things around

Because consumer loans are the most common type of peer-to-peer asset class, you will always have a wide variety of loan options to select from. You can finance from a variety of nations by using Mintos. You also have the option of selecting the loan period and deciding whether or not to include postponed or extended loans.

When compared to other asset classes, diversification is far simpler to achieve with consumer loans due to a large number of available loans and a diverse set of eligibility requirements. Not just that, but a multitude of peer-to-peer platforms, like Income Marketplace, have repurchase guarantees, which safeguard your investment even further in the event of repaying their debt.

Intense competition

Finally, individuals who invested in consumer loans may rest easy knowing that the market will always require it. This will allow them to maximise their returns. Since the beginning of money, there has been a market for peer-to-peer financial transactions since individuals have always needed currency needed for day-to-day operations.

Because people will always desire to take a loan, we can safely say that this is a type of asset that will go extinct. You don't have to think about the market being extremely tilted, and you can anticipate consistent returns each month and even each year.


One of the most common types of loans offered through peer-to-peer platforms is the consumer loan. They are simple to invest in, provide excellent returns, and have a high level of liquidity. You may start taking out consumer loans & finally begin earning a return on your funds that is respectable when you use Mintos, which is a genuine peer-to-peer network that connects borrowers and lenders directly.